The Ultimate Package of Free Backgrounds & Textures

Backgrounds and textures play an important role in the web designing. These ingredients brings more life to your designs. Today we have collected an ultimate list of high resolution and of course free backgrounds and textures for your wonderful projects. Feel free to take the maximum of those nice graphics and if you have something to offer to us, you’re welcome 🙂

Free Paper Texture Pack: 64 Card Stock Photos



10 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds

10-Free-High-Resolution-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

14 Geometric Backgrounds

14-Geometric-Backgrounds Download

9 Free Blurred Backgrounds

9-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

16 Free Blurred Backgrounds

16-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred-Backgrounds2 Download

5 Spring Bokeh Backgrounds

5-Spring-Bokeh-Backgrounds Download

50 Free Tessellated Designs Background

50-Free-Tessellated-Designs-Background Download

Carbon Fiber Pattern Background (PSD)

Carbon-Fiber-Pattern-Background Download

7 Blurred Background

7-Blurred-Background Download

5 Polygon Backgrounds

5-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

10 Blurred Backgrounds

10-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

5 Free iPhone Backgrounds (PSD)

5-Free-iPhone-Backgrounds Download

25 Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

25-Colorful-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

58 Free Blurred HD BG

58-Free-Blurred-HD-BG Download

5 Blurred Backgrounds with Glare (PSD)

5-Blurred-Backgrounds-with-Glare Download

Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred-Backgrounds Download

10 Grunge Blurred Backgrounds

10-Grunge-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Free Polygon Backgrounds

Free-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

5 HD Free Bokeh Backgrounds

5-HD-Free-Bokeh-Backgrounds Download

Free Polygon Backgrounds

Free-Polygon-Backgrounds1 Download

20 Free Blurred Backgrounds

20-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

15 HD Free Blurred Backgrounds

15-HD-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

20 Blurred Images (PSD)

20-Blurred-Images Download

Free Collection of 200 Blurry Abstract Backgrounds

Free-Collection-of-200-Blurry-Abstract-Backgrounds Download

20 Large Blurred Backgrounds

20-Large-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Free Cardboard Background Vector (AI)

Free-Cardboard-Background-Vector1 Download

15 Free Blurred Backgrounds

15-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

19 Blurred Backgrounds (PSD)

19-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric-Backgrounds Download

20 Free Mosaic Backgrounds

20-Free-Mosaic-Backgrounds Download

20 Blurred Backgrounds Pack (PSD)

20-Blurred-Backgrounds-Pack Download

16 Free Blurred Backgrounds

16-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

9 Free Blurred Backgrounds (PSD)

9-free-blurred-backgrounds Download

5 Premium Free Polygon Backgrounds

5-premium-free-polygon-backgrounds Download

Free Blurred Background Images

Free-Blurred-Background-Images Download

4 Free Sphere Backgrounds

4-free-sphere-backgrounds Download

23 Free Blurred Backgrounds (PSD)

23-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Free Bokeh Backgrounds

Free-Bokeh-Backgrounds Download

10 Free Blurred High Quality Backgrounds

10-Free-Blurred-High-Quality-Backgrounds Download

Free Low Poly PSD Backgrounds (PSD)

Free-Low-Poly-PSD-Backgrounds Download

7 HD Polygon Backgrounds

7-HD-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

13 High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds (PSD)

13-High-Resolution-Blur-Backgrounds Download

10 Free Backgrounds (PSD)

10-Free-Backgrounds Download

5 Bokeh Backgrounds

5-Bokeh-Backgrounds Download

20 Blurred Background Pack

20-Blurred-Background-Pack Download

5 Blurred Backgrounds

5-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

20-Free-High-Res-Geometric-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

5 Folded Paper Backgrounds

5-Folded-Paper-Backgrounds Download

Paper Background

Paper-Background Download

5 Blurred Backgrounds

5-Blurred-Backgrounds1 Download

10 Blurred Backgrounds (PSD)

10-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

5 Wrinkled Poster Backgrounds

5-Wrinkled-Poster-Backgrounds Download

White Backgrounds

White-Backgrounds Download

5 Wrinkled Poster Backgrounds

5-Wrinkled-Poster-Backgrounds2 Download

Blue Backgrounds

Blue-Backgrounds Download

160 Blur & Gradient Backgrounds

blur-gradient-backgrounds-featured Download

10 Free Blurred Backgrounds

10-Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Geometric High Definition Backgrounds

Geometric-High-Definition-Backgrounds Download

7 Low Poly Backgrounds

7-Low-Poly-Backgrounds Download

10 Hexagon Background Pack

10-Hexagon-Background-Pack Download

High Resolution Backgrounds

High-Resolution-Backgrounds Download

5 Polygon Backgrounds for Website

5-Polygon-Backgrounds-for-Website Download

5 HD Polygon Background Package

5-HD-Polygon-Background-Package1 Download

High Quality Blurred Backgrounds

High-Quality-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

50 Blurred Backgrounds

50-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

Free Blurred Backgrounds

Free-Blurred-Backgrounds Download

10 Blurred Backgrounds

10-Blurred-Backgrounds2 Download

Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred-Backgrounds1 Download

Seamless Polygon Backgrounds (PSD)

Seamless-Polygon-Backgrounds Download

5 Triangulation Mosaic Backgrounds

5-Triangulation-Mosaic-backgrounds Download


Hi-Res Jeans Textures Set

Hi-Res-Jeans-Textures-Set Download

Black Leather Texture

Black-leather-texture Download

Dust & Scratches Textures

Dust-Scratches-Textures Download

Free Digtial Papers/Textures

Free-Digtial-Papers-Textures Download

Vintage Wood Textures

Vintage-Wood-Textures Download

Free Vector + Raster Grit Textures

Free-Vector-+-Raster-Grit-Textures Download

Halftone Textures

Halftone-Textures Download

Free Wood Textures Pack

Free-Wood-Textures-Pack Download

Recycled Paper Textures

Recycled-Paper-Textures Download

Perspective Brick Textures

Perspective-Brick-Textures Download

Free Vintage Texture Pack

Free-Vintage-Texture-Pack Download

Free Nature Textures

Free-Nature-Textures Download

Colorful Grunge Textures

Colorful-Grunge-Textures Download

Dark 4K Textures

Dark-4K-Textures Download

Light Textures Pack

Light-Textures-Pack Download

Wood Background Textures

Wood-Background-Textures Download

Thriller Dramatic Background Textures

Thriller-Dramatic-Background-Textures Download

Vector Textures

Vector-Textures Download

Dusty Particle 4K Textures

dusty-particle-4K-textures Download

Bitmap Textures

bitmap-textures Download

Cardboard Texture

Cardboard-Texture Download

Light Grunge Textures

10-Light-Grunge-Textures Download

Free High Res Rust Textures

Free-High-Res-Rust-Textures Download

Hi Res Background Textures

Hi-Res-Background-Textures Download

Squared Paper Texture

Squared-Paper-Texture Download

15 Free Textures

15-Free-Textures Download

Brown Leather Texture

Brown-leather-texture Download

Free 34 Environment Textures

Free-34-Environment-Textures Download

6 Free Textures

6-Free-Textures1 Download

Free Tea-Stained Paper Textures

Free-Tea-Stained-Paper-Textures1 Download

Free Ink Textures

Free-Ink-Textures1 Download

Abstract Textures

Abstract-Textures Download

Free Texture Pack

Free-Texture-Pack Download

16 Watercolor Textures

16-Watercolor-Textures Download

Free Texture

Free-Texture Download

Grunge Textures

Grunge-Textures Download

Free Texture

Free-Texture1 Download

Summertime Sunburst Textures

Summertime-Sunburst-Textures Download

Free Bokeh Textures

Free-Bokeh-Textures Download

Free Button Textures

Free-Button-Textures Download

Sand Texture Pack

Sand-Texture-Pack Download

Free Wood Textures

Free-Wood-Textures Download

Rendering Textures

Rendering-Textures Download

Free Composite Textures

Free-Composite-Textures Download

Free High Quality Renaissance Textures

Free-High-Quality-Renaissance-Textures Download

Free High Quality Textures

Free-High-Quality-Textures Download

Free Texture Pack

Free-Texture-Pack1 Download

Free Vintage Paper Texture Pack

Free-Vintage-Paper-Texture-Pack Download

Old Glass Texture

Old-Glass-Texture Download

Free Butterfly Textures

Free-Butterfly-Textures Download

Free Pink Lemonade Textures

Free-Pink-Lemonade-Textures Download

Carpet Textures

Carpet-Textures Download

Raindrops Texture

Raindrops-Texture Download

Old Chapel Texture Pack

Old-Chapel-Texture-Pack Download

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