Top 5: Free WordPress Themes Providers

I am sure, you know very well where to become a great quality freebies, but is a lot of people who know very little, so i want to bring out the top 5 list of the best free WordPress themes providers, who are working diligently to give you the best products and are happy to answer in all your questions and solve the problems.

The company’s listed in this small list will not scaming you and your project will be in a good hands with awesome support. I would like to remind you, that online is a lot of free themes, but you can trust them is a difficult question. Firstly, what you will get if you search for free themes in google, of course, you can try to search a right theme for you, but many of them are just listed without future management of them. So be carefully and take a look to my list, meybe you will find something what you like and would love and as allways i am offering a cheap premium quality themes providers, like those in this list or ThemeForest, MojoThemes.

Firstly i would like to introduce my favorite theme provider. It is MyThemeShop. They have a lot of great themes to offer, both premium and free. I want your attention, that this company not only have unique products, but also a professional support and lifetime theme updates. I trust in their products and use them to build my blog which you are reading now.

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I Would Love to Visit MyThemeShop!

MyThemeShop-Responsive-WordPress-Themes-2Free themes provider who goes secondly in our list is LizardThemes. They also have to offer, both free and premium themes, plus perfect support. I am amazed about their themes, they all are clean, minimal and maked perfectly. Hope you will like those from LizardThemes.

I Would Love to Visit LizardThemes!

LizardThemes-free-and-premium-wordpress-themes-2Next, but not the last i would like to put to this list WPZoom. They have not so much free themes, but they are well designed and have excellent support and future updates. So take a look also to WP Zoom if is not enough 😉

I Would Love to Visit WPZoom!

WpZoom-Best-WordPress-Themes-2Fourth in the list i want to mention a WordPress source WPExplorer. This great website put on the line a lot of themes from around the internet and also build own free themes, which are well designed and have a enough good quality that can be added to your blog. WPExplorer is your number one source for all things WordPress related.

I Would Love to Visit WPExplorer!

WPExplorer-best-free-and-premium-wordpress-themes-2The last and very hot poit to mention is CSSIgniter. They developing a superB WordPress themes and have a little collection of free themes as well. Their wonderful work speaks for it self, so if you want real services and support do not hesitate to try some themes from CSSIgniter for your blog.

I Would Love to Visit CSSIgniter!

CSSIgniter-Premium-WordPress-Themes-2In the online world is a lot of great WordPress themes providers, but is always good to ask professionals, who are working hard long years. Thanks for reading top 5 and see you in the next article. 😉

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