Top (Free) SEO Tools to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

The sole purpose of creating a website is to present it to a large scale of audience. All the advanced features and design enhancements integrated into a website will be of no use if it doesn’t appear in the search results with respect to the search query that has been fired by a user. As the online space is quite huge and every business wants to establish their own brand image there is a fierce competition among all the different business owners.

They do not want to leave any stone unturned and try to implement all the different techniques that will make their website search engine optimized. Among all these techniques there are quite a few free SEO tools that will enable you to boost the ranking of a website in the search results.

Below are some of the Free SEO tools:

Google Trends

All the search results which are displayed are on the basis of the search query that is fired by a person. As the keywords that people use for searching about a particular thing on the web keeps on changing it is important that you analyze the different keywords trends. To make it simple for you there is a free tool by the name of ‘Google Trends‘ that will perform the job for you. All the common keywords that are related to a particular search query will
be compared by the tool and a chart will be displayed to you. The tool also shows the different search trends over the past few months.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This free SEO tool will enable you to know about the speed and usability of your website across the multiple devices. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website and rest task will be performed by the tool. The load time, the performance of the website on desktop and on mobile along with identifying the opportunities where improvements can be made. These improvements include outlining the necessary fixes, optimizing the images for taking a complete advantage of browser caching. If your website gets a green score, it signifies that the website is well optimized.

Rank Checker

The ranking that a particular website achieves in the search results is one of the foremost aspects for generating traffic on it. Now with the Rank Checker free SEO tool, keeping a track over the ranking of your website is possible. The tool will enable you to see exactly where your website ranks and also provide you with a few handy tips to make it escalate in the search results. The tool can be installed in the form of a button on the toolbar which will give you an access to all the required information.

Mobile-Friendly Test

As the mobile-friendly design is considered a vital feature of any website, there is a tool named ‘Mobile-Friendly Test‘ that will enable you to know whether the site is mobile friendly or not. Just enter the URL of the website that you need to verify and then click on the ‘run test’ button. Along with this, the tool will also give you some useful suggestions about the different ways in which you can optimize your website in a better manner for the mobile devices.

Keyword Tool

This tool is considered a free option for the Google’s Keyword Planner. The tool is capable of offering more than 750 suggestions for keywords. One great feature about the tool is that it also includes the long-tail keywords in the suggestions. You get the liberty to choose the country for which you want to search the keywords, along with the desired language and also for which particular platform.

In The End

All the tools that are mentioned in this article are rated as among the best free SEO tools that are present out there. All these will play a major role in making your website achieve a higher rank in the search engine rankings.

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