Two Amazing Plugins from Themify: Announcement Bar & Conditional Menus

Today we got information about two amazing releases from Themify. They bring out two new WordPress Plugins, they are very useful to customize your WordPress theme. Make your website much more attractive with simple plugins. So, let’s talk about them in more details.

1. Announcement Bar

The Announcement Bar is a WordPress plugin built by Themify that helps you manage annoucements on your website quickly, easily, and more efficiently. Automate and schedule announcements for any specified time range, customize the look and feel of the Announcement Bar using our beautiful design presets or your own style and designs, and have it work with any WordPress theme right out of the box. Responsive and retina ready, the Announcement Bar highlights your content and messages to visitors, regardless of their device or platform. This Plugin cost $29.

announcement-bar-product-img-2 Purchase & Download Announcement Bar!

2. Conditional Menus

Conditional Menus is a simple yet useful WordPress plugin developed by Themify, which allows you to swap the menus in the theme as per specific conditions. In short, you can have different menus in different posts, pages, categories, archive pages, etc. It works with any WordPress theme that uses the standard WordPress menu function. This plugin is free to use.

How To Use Conditional Menus?

Conditional menus plugin is simple to use. Once you install & activate the plugin it will add conditional menus on the Manage Locations tab located in your WP Admin > Appearance > Menus page.

  1. To add conditional menu: click “Conditional Menu” and select a menu from the list (you can create these menus in the “Edit Menus” tab). You can remove the menu by selecting “Disable Menu” from the list.
  2. Click on “Conditions” to add conditions in the modal box (tick the check boxes where you want the menu to appear)
  3. Click on the “X” button to remove the conditional menus.

conditional-menus Download Conditional Menus Plugin!

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