Useful Freebies for Web Designers & Developers from 2014 – Part 8

This is a eighth roundup of useful freebies for Web Designers and Developers. Every month a lot of useful tools and web apps are released for designers and developers to help them with their designing issues. Each of these tools serves a unique purpose and most developers have integrated them into their workflow. The purpose of these tools is to save the time and the workflow to make much easier, plus designers and developers gets professional tools to learn and add to the projects in freely way.

In this article we have compiled a list of Best Tools for Web Designers and Developers which might be useful for their assignments and can help them to achieve the desired and eye catching results in certain period of time. Following tools are free but contain premium features and you can use them for your commercial or non commercial projects. If you are aware of any other useful tools for web designers, please let us know by shooting a comment below. Enjoy!

1. BareKit

BareKitBareKit is a front-end project starter meant to be a starting point and structural guide rather than a full framework. It’s bare enough to not interfere with your custom styles or scripts, but yet has enough functioning modules to jumpstart a project in no time.

Open Source

2. Gridlover

GridloverThe tool to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm.

Open Source

3. jQuery Confirm mailto

jQuery-Confirm-mailtoConfirm with users before opening any mailto link on the page through their default email client.

Open Source

4. jQuery Bootgrid

jQuery-BootgridNice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.

Open Source

5. Cool Social Buttons jQuery Plugin

Cool-Social-Buttons-jQuery-PluginAll social networks support so called “sharer pages”, which are special URLs that allow people to share directly to the social network.  These URLs can be opened in a new page or in a popup window, and they are loaded only when they are needed, which speeds things up.

Open Source

6. jQuery.fontFlex

jQuery.fontFlexLightweight jQuery extension for dynamically changing font sizes according to screen / browser width. Intended to be used with responsive or adaptive CSS layouts.

Open Source

7. Pace

PaceAn automatic web page progress bar. Include pace.js and a theme of your choice to your page and you are done! Pace will automatically monitor your Ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state and elements on your page to decide on the progress.

Open Source

8. jCorner

jCornerjCorner is a jQuery plugin to create a flat designed paper folding effect at the bottom-right corner, which is useful for both stylishness and a hint for a link.

Open Source

9. FormCrafts

FormCraftsFormCrafts is an online form builder to help you create great forms for your site.

Open Source

10. Doco

DocoView and Manage open Adobe Photoshop Documents.

Open Source

11. PowerToCSS

PowerToCSSA versatile CSS Framework. Simple, light and responsive!

Open Source

12. jquery.matchHeight Tests

jquery.matchHeight-TestsmatchHeight makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal. It handles many edge cases that cause similar plugins to fail.

Open Source

13. Tumblr-Style-Cog-Spinners

Tumblr-Style-Cog-SpinnersTumblr-style cog loading animation made with CSS and SVG icons designed by Jiri Silha.

Open Source

14. Responsive transactional HTML email templates

Responsive-transactional-HTML-email-templatesTransactional HTML emails often get neglected. Styling HTML email is painful. Tables, inline CSS, unsupported CSS, desktop clients, web clients, mobile clients, various devices, various providers.

Open Source

15. CSS Shorthand Generator

CSS-Shorthand-GeneratorShorthand is a handy tool that converts CSS properties into shorthand, making shorter and more readable stylesheets.

Open Source

16. Flickerplate

FlickerplateThis plugin is by definition a jQuery plugin and so is required. It also requires Modernizr for touch detection and the jQuery.Finger library for touch events. Both jQuery and a custom build of Modernizr are supplied.

Open Source

17. VenoBox

VenoBoxResponsive jQuery modal window plugin. Just another responsive jQuery lightbox plugin, suitable for images, inline contents, iFrames, Google Maps, Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Open Source


nickel.rs_nickel is supposed to be a simple and lightweight foundation for web applications written in Rust. It’s API is inspired by the popular express framework for JavaScript.

Open Source

19. PojoViz

PojoVizPojoViz is a tool to analyze the plain objects of a JavaScript library/framework by finding all the relationships found between the library entry point (typically a global variable) and the objects/functions linked to it.

Open Source

20. slimMenu

slimMenuslimMenu is a lightweight jQuery plugin, which is made to create responsive and multi-level navigation menus on the fly.

Open Source

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