Useful Freebies for Web Designers & Developers – Part 26

This is the latest roundup of useful freebies for Web Designers and Developers. Every month a lot of useful tools and web apps are released for designers and developers to help them with their designing issues. Each of these tools serves a unique purpose and most developers have integrated them into their workflow. The purpose of these tools is to save the time and the workflow to make much easier, plus designers and developers gets professional tools to learn and add to the projects in freely way.

In this article we have compiled a list of Best Tools for Web Designers and Developers which might be useful for their assignments and can help them to achieve the desired and eye catching results in certain period of time. Following tools are free but contain premium features and you can use them for your commercial or non commercial projects. If you are aware of any other useful tools for web designers, please let us know by shooting a comment below. Enjoy!

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1. ReadRemaining.js

ReadRemaining-jsThis jQuery plugin allows you to show the user how long it will take to read the article considering the speed in which the user is scrolling.

Open Source

2. basicModal

basicModalbasicModal is a dialog-system for modern web-apps. It includes everything you need to display information, ask questions or request input from the user. Modals can be chained, so you can easily build a setup-assistant or show dialogs in a predefined order. Invalid input can be highlighted and handled using the included function.

Open Source

3. Sass Burger

Sass-BurgerA Sass mixin for creating hamburger icons.

Open Source

4. Toolbar.Js

Toolbar-JsA jQuery plugin that creates tooltip style toolbars. Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for use in web applications and websites.

Open Source

5. Outline

OutlineOutline is a simple CSS starter responsive boilerplate for any new web project. It’s a modular, mobile-first framework which includes todays best practices for responsive design and core components I use on every project.

Open Source

6. Insignia

InsigniaCustomizable tag input. Progressive. No non-sense!

Open Source

7. Pintsize

PintsizePintsize is the ideal place to start your next web project. As well as providing you with the basics to get building quickly, it’s nice and tidy file structure makes it easy to scale your projects efficiently.

Open Source

8. watermark.js

watermark-jsA functional library for watermarking images in the browser. Written with ES6, and made available to current browsers via Babel. Supports urls, file inputs, blobs, and on-page images.

Open Source

9. Shrink

ShrinkA little mac app for your Github issues.

Open Source

10. Radium

RadiumRadium is a set of tools to manage inline styles on React elements. It gives you powerful styling capabilities without CSS.

Open Source

11. is a simple app that allows you to quickly edit these settings on the fly.

Open Source

12. Material Refresh

Material-RefreshGoogle Material Design swipe(pull) to refresh by using JavaScript and CSS3.

Open Source

13. CSS Dig

CSS-DigThis Chrome Extension looks for stylesheets and style blocks on the webpage it’s run against and groups declarations together for easy inspection.

Open Source

14. Challenger.js

Challenger-jsChallenger is a drop-in JavaScript library that adds interactive programming challenges to any page. Challenges are flexible and expressive, and are super simple to write.

Open Source

15. Interdimensional

InterdimensionalSpatial scrolling for your web pages.

Open Source

16. Vorlon.JS

Vorlon-JSAn open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. Powered by node.js and

Open Source

17. Layzr.js

Layzr-jsA small, fast, modern, and dependency-free library for lazy loading.

Open Source

18. HTML Arrows

HTML-ArrowsHTML Arrows is a clean and comprehensive resource for all the hottest HTML symbols, entities, ASCII characters and Unicode hexadecimal values.

Open Source

19. Wee

WeeWee is a lightweight front-end framework for logically building complex, responsive web projects.

Open Source

20. Marx

Marx1Marx is a CSS stylesheet to be used in any projects (namely small ones). If you don’t need the weight of heavy frameworks or you would just like to make an edible website quickly, Marx is perfect for you.

Open Source

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