Web Design Trends in 2018 That May Become Important

In the ever-changing world of web design, people are finding new ideas. They love how fun it is to create things. After all, there are no limits to what you could do with a web design project. People are always looking to find great web design ideas to make their sites attractive and distinct. A quality design is needed to not only leave a great impression in the minds of all readers but to also help with producing a site that results in great sales. Great design plans are also vital for getting a blog up and running.

There are several vital trends in the world of web design to look forward to in the coming year. These will help with creating quality sites that are functional, easy to use, and memorable. Considering how many others will use the same design points on their sites in the future, it is critical that you look into how well your site utilizes these aspects.

  • Added Negative Space

As you look around a modern site, you will notice various spaces where there is a large amount of white space or nothing at all around different objects on that site. This space gives you an easier time with seeing what is on a site. It is known as negative space and it is vital for helping you produce a site you can enjoy displaying and viewing.

Negative space is expected to be a more important asset for web design projects in the future. Negative space refers to the space that goes around text areas or graphics. The space would not include anything special on its body.

Negative space does well to create a dynamic appearance but it is best utilized when arranged in spots where the data is easy to follow. Such negative space makes a website a little easier to read. It also creates a more dynamic look that prompts certain bits of data on the site to stand out and be noticed.

  • Bold and Bright Fonts

The stunning things you might see in a bright image can add an outstanding look worth adding on your site. Bright items produce an optimistic and positive feeling that you will love to exhibit on your site. But you do not have to just stick with bright images and backgrounds. You have to also look at the fonts you are utilizing on your site as you aim to create an outstanding look all the way through.

Bold content can be added to a site to create a contrast between images or words and the negative space on the page. A focus on stronger fonts may be even more important as people continue to rely on their mobile devices when getting online. It would be easier for people to read things on such devices when those items have more intense looks.

Such fonts should be used carefully by those who are new to blogging. The key is to produce fonts that are attractive but not too unusual or tough to reproduce.

  • Saturated Colors

Saturated colors are ones that appear a little deeper and bolder. When you look at a painting that features deeper colors, you are looking at a work of art which features numerous saturated colors. These add a striking look to anything you display.

Saturated colors include darker and more intense hues that might add a striking look to a page. They especially add a nice look if applied alongside bolder and more dynamic font styles. These colors will become big for web design. Many colors are provided as useful options on any available website builder.

  • Animations Triggered by Scrolling

Have you ever tried flipping the pages in a book really fast to see some interesting animations come about as you do so? The concept can be utilized on websites today.

Animations have long been a key part of web design, but in 2018 those animations are expected to be treated a little different. Scrolled animation triggers will be incorporated in the future to produce appealing looks that encourage people to interact with a site.

On such an animation, a person would scroll down or up to allow the animation to change or move around. Such a move will cause a person to look at more sections of a site to see how the animation works.

  • Micro-Interactions Are Important

A major part of making a website easier to use entails working with special micro-interactions. These are smaller actions on a web browser that allow a user to trigger certain functions without having to reload a page.

For instance, a person might click on a box to share a page on social media. After clicking on a box, a small menu appears. The user then enters in one’s social media site where the content is to be shared at. This all works without the user having to reload the site. Such an action not only makes a page easier to use but also improves its overall functionality.

  • Adding Drop Shadows

Great websites offer more depth to them. They appear to be a little more detailed than others and provide more dynamic features and functions. Drop shadows work on such sites to make them look more detailed.

A drop shadow works as a small box that appears to hover over other bits of data on a page. The shadow box can appear at the start of an online session, or it can pop up based on what the user does on a site. Such a box adds a nice dynamic that creates a feeling of the object being a little more detailed and unique.

  • Broken Grids Grow

Not all grids have to be consistent and uniform; a special broken grid layout may be utilized. The broken grid layout was a big deal in 2017 and is expected to stay popular in 2018. This entails an asymmetrical layout for a site where the information being posted looks to be organized in spots that are far off of one another.

With this layout option, a site will have a more artistic look for it. It will include a style that features a series of curves or slants among other points with the boxes being scattered all around. A broken grid would do well when a site has a dynamic type font or a significant picture as the focal point of everything being promoted.

  • Customized Illustrations

Although stock illustrations and graphics have long been utilized on many websites, people are starting to focus more on dynamic customized illustrations. These require the use of a personal designer’s services. When these illustrations are created, a site will look outstanding and have an attractive look and strong authority to it. This is all about producing a good site that has an outstanding appearance and is appealing to anyone’s eyes when used well.

Illustrations can come in any form you want them to be in. You could produce something more dynamic if desired or just an illustration with a basic layout if you prefer. It is your choice as to what you wish to get out of them.

  • A Focus on Mobile

With so many people sticking with mobile devices over desktops, it is clear that a mobile-first approach is required in the web design process. This would include a focus on smaller images and icons and organizing text in smaller bits that are easier for a device to load up and then play back on screen. If used well enough, mobile content can be seen on any device one might have. This is vital for producing a website that has a good appearance to it while loading fast.

A Final Note

Those looking to produce blogs or other websites will have to see how the world of web design is changing. Anyone new to the field of producing websites will have to especially look at how well such trends can influence a site.

How have you seen these trends taking shape for 2018?


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