Weekly News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No. 1

Welcome to the weekly roundup of MooxiDesign, your source for WordPress news and resources. We start writing weekly roundups again after our website was destroyed after installing a security plugins. Now we start everything new as you can see this on the site. This is our first roundup after site recovering and hope you like this article, where you can become a lot of useful information about what’s happening in MooxiDesign from all last week.

After reorganization we decide to inform you only about WordPress and some web designing news and stuff come in to this site. From monday to sunday we put a lot of articles and they are all listed below.

Keep visiting MooxiDesign the best source for all WordPress news and Web designing resources.

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Our Alexa traffic after downgrade again starting to grow and we are on 215,000 most popular websites in online network.

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