Why WordPress is the Best Solution for Your Website

WordPress isn’t the #1 CMS on the internet for nothing. It has so many positives going for it that the few disadvantages that it has fade to insignificance.


So keep an open mind while we tell you why we love WordPress.

1. It’s Inexpensive Enough to be Considered ‘Free’

WordPress is open-source software released under the GPL license: You are allowed to download, install, use, and customize/modify it in whatever way you see fit. This is why there are so many industry and blog categories relying on this platform.

There are (literally) thousands of themes and plugins available for free that you can download and use on any website.


The only mandatory cost for any WordPress website comes from web hosting. Hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground, etc. offer shared hosting space for dirt cheap prices, which is sufficient for a, let’s say, Level 1 Blog.

2. It’s Easy to Learn, Use, and Manage

WordPress is the kind of software that almost anyone can learn to use with a few minutes of application. You don’t need to know any of the PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This is why it’s used by over 16 million websites. A large percentage of those websites are not managed by professional developers, designers, or WordPress geeks.

Everything you need to do: install/update/deactivate/uninstall themes and plugins can be done via an easy-to-use admin panel that notifies you when a platform update is available.

There are plugins that take care of security and backups for you (Checkout WordFence and Sucuri; VaultPress and BackupBuddy). These plugins and themes too are easy to install and use.

You’ll be calling yourself a pro in no time.

3. You Don’t Have to be a Developer to Dress it up

After Ease of use, Customization is key to WordPress’ success.

There are thousands (if not millions) of plugins and themes available to transform the platform’s defaults into as many unique styles as you want. There are themes for all genres of interests and categories of industries. There are entire marketplaces that have sprung up to meet up with the huge demand for appearance and functionality customization in WordPress.


Don’t need/want anything more than a single page to display all your content? Check out Onetone by MageeWP. Need something classic and well-polished? Check out Twenty Fourteen by Want something a bit out of the league for blogging? Try Arcade Basic.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? There’s plenty more where these came from. Combine that with thousands of themes and plugins available on marketplaces like Envato and commercial theme companies and authors like Woothemes, StudioPress, etc. and you will know what it means to be “spoiled for choice.”

4. Semantic Markup Means SEO-friendly Templates

If you wanted to remain unheard, you wouldn’t be on the internet. However setting up a blog/website does not mean people will hear you. Go to the Google Search box and type “Milky Way Galaxy” (or anything else that interests you). 95% of the time, after looking through first 2, or maximum 3 if you are desperate, pages worth of search results, you will not go any further. And yet there were probably upwards of a hundred thousand results for your search query.

Online success comes from patience and more importantly, a dab hand at Search Engine Optimization.

Now anyone who knows anything about SEO will tell you that a clean structure is the first thing you need to make your message (aka content) visible to search engines. For that, you need a platform which is built for SEO. Enter: WordPress.

seo-friendly markup aside, WordPress has a very SEO friendly structure written with semantic code which makes it a powerful ally in your SEO campaigns. It can be augmented with the use of plugins like Yoast or All-in-One SEO Pack. Simply put, if you know what you’re doing (Note: It’ll you an hour to get a working knowledge of working with SEO best practices), you can get those top rankings and attention by.

5. Extremely Versatile

There’s not much you can’t do with WordPress.

From Businesses to Blogs, from Mom-and-Pop scale online stores to enterprise level showrooms, from education to entertainment, from Photography to Literary forums; every category, every genre, industry, sector, group, community will find itself at home on WordPress.

There are big names like Walt Disney, Bloomberg Professional, Usain Bolt, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Justin Beiber (and more) have their own websites on WordPress. BBC America, Lollapalooza, Harvard Gazette and Georgia State University… and hundreds and thousands of others depict how this versatile platform can be used for just about anything. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s the entire showcase.

The Upshot

WordPress is fast, flexible, and friendly. It has long since shed its ‘Blogging platform’ persona and is now unrecognizable even in websites using it. It does all that without losing its shape and native powers, its ease-of-usage, its semantic SEO friendly code, or its take on security.

A million people may be stupid to use a platform. But a 16 million and counting will give anyone a pause.

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