WordPress is Near to the BIG Changes!

there are busy times ahead. WordPress is about to change! The WordPress core developers currently are working on a completely new way of working with WordPress. It is called Gutenberg and will replace the current editor.

The Gutenberg editor currently is available as a plugin. This will change the way of creating and editing content in WordPress. Due to the massive impact of these changes, Gutenberg is also being discussed quite controversal.

Basically everything in WordPress is going to be a block. These blocks can be placed via the Gutenberg editor. This also may replace widgets, shortcodes and other elements in WordPress at some point. We know that many users love widgets and it’s currently not certain how this will be implemented.

Gutenberg is at an early stage and it’s very important that you test Gutenberg and leave feedback so that this doesn’t go into a wrong direction. One of the issues is that the decisions for Gutenberg are based on developers point of view and there currently is not much feedback from end users involved.

This is your chance to influence how you’re going to use WordPress tomorrow. Gutenberg will come (probably in WordPress 5.0) with or without your feedback. That means expressing your opinion is very important as Guterberg will definitely change how you’re working with WordPress today.

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